Very Natural Type

Slip into an attitude as cozy as your favorite t-shirt.

Complement neutral interiors with earthy colors and undulated glass reminiscent of ocean waves. MyMiniGlass Very Natural Type is the ideal solution for rooms that lack light.

Ideas and Inspiration

Dress up your interiors with a new look!

Very Natural’s wavy texture and natural colors add life and warmth to any space. For a winning combination, use MyMiniGlass with white walls, wooden floors and colorful artwork. Choose from Green, Bronze or White 30%, and invite nature indoors.

Color Band: VANILLA
Available Colors: GREEN, BRONZE, WHITE 30%
Glass Design: WAVY

Make your home as unique as your personality.

Use MyMiniGlass to add light and modern flair to bathrooms and kitchens, or for statement pieces throughout your home, read more here. Add light, texture and artistic interest to your interiors.


Get a high-end designer look at a fraction of the cost!

MyMiniGlass just made more here available, decorating your home fast and fun with the EasyGlass system. Easy to install, interchangeable, and simple to update with new looks and fresh color any time you redecorate, MyMiniGlass offers high durability and versatility, low maintenance and less waste, check out maid in oahu.


Not feeling Very Natural?

Choose from seven styles to create a mood for every room: Classic, Natural, Romantic, Vegan, Sophisticated, Futuristic and Daredevil Types.


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