Frequently Asked Questions

What is glass block?

Glass blocks are architectural design elements made from glass that is 100% recyclable, providing natural light and color.

What sizes are available?

MyMiniGlass is 146 mm x 146 mm x 80 mm. They are smaller than standard glass blocks and thus, more versatile and easier to manage and install.

What is the difference between glass block and glass brick?

Nothing. Some people call them blocks while others call them bricks.

Where can glass block be used?

MyMiniGlass can be used in a variety of applications including vertical walls, windows, and decorative accent pieces such as room dividers, bars, kitchen islands or practically anything else you can imagine.

Can I use it for flooring?

MyMiniGlass is not for horizontal structure, but Seves Glassblock also produces pavers, which are made specifically for flooring. Contact us for more information.

How do I get help if I need it?

You can find instructions on our website and included with the goods, if you need any further assistance please contact us.

How do I get around corners?

Simply use 90° corner units.

Is your product eco-friendly?

Yes, MyMiniGlass is 100% recyclable and offer high durability and versatility, low maintenance and less waste.

Is a warranty or guarantee included?

MyMiniGlass is certified according to European standard EN 1051-1.

What colors and styles are available?

MyMiniGlass comes in a variety of styles and colors. Choose from seven Types: Classic, Very Natural, Vegan, Futuristic, Romantic, Daredevil , Sophisticated, with glass drawing frozen, wavy, smooth or diamond cut.

Do I need special tools to build a glass block wall?

No, MyMiniGlass is easy to install with glue and profile pieces. See our instruction manual here.

Do I need any training?

No special training is required.

Will condensation be a problem?

No. MyMiniGlass is water resistant and will not cause problems with condensation.

How long before I can use the shower?

You should wait at least 24 hours after your shower wall is completed.

Do glass blocks require a frame?

You can use U profile to finish your wall or you can use MyMiniGlass special pieces linear end, curved end and corner to finish your wall. They are easy to manipulate and can create a seamless look.

What if I don’t have a 90 degree angle between the floor and wall?

You can fill in the additional space with glue, using more than one layer.

Is glass block strong enough to support marble or other heavy materials?

Glass block walls are self-supporting and separated from the rest of the structure.

Is expansion fiber used, and if so, why?

If you do not use the EasyGlass System but choose a traditional installation, you have to use an expansion joint, you should place it on the top and side of the wall to isolate it from the supporting structure; if it undergoes infinitesimal movements due to settlement, the glass could break, check out

Can I mix the colored blocks?

Yes, you can easily mix and match from different lines and styles of glass block.

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